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Our little corner on the web for readers and writers alike, and for just about anyone looking for inspiration sourcing from a heartwarming story that might uplift their spirit. We are storytellers, dreamers, optimists and wanderers; and our mission consists on sharing stories about ordinary people. People just like you and I, facing extraordinary experiences in their life. We believe in the power of faith and the reach of words. Our stories are filled with inspiration… They have a heart; but also, that something extra… That element that makes us feel more hopeful, grateful and motivated. That little something… that doesn’t leave you unchanged.

So, to our dear friends, this is our invitation to you:
If you are a writer and have something to share: We would love to hear from you!
Or, if you have an amazing story that needs to be told to the world; but writing is not really your thing: We would love to help you share it, as well!
Wishing you many happy readings!
The Helden Chronicles